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Project Washdown - Help Wanted!

Updated: May 10, 2023

We're looking for help to complete our member's washdown area.

'Great start supplied by members on the spring cleanup day, we're now ready to move forward and get 'it done!

The former Grass strip is morphing back to a washdown area for all members to wash and rinse off themselves and their gear. The length strip is to provide three stations for members.

The area will have high water drain and sand removal with walkable concrete pavers.

So Please pitch in ! a with a few minutes or more if you can!

We have a few more loads of sand soil to remove from what was the patch grass mud bog.

'Greatly appreciate ( again) any help in anyone that can pitch in to help move the remaining contents and place it over by the fence. The destination location has sunk over the years and the sod and dirt will help restore the loss.

Big Pile (A) see pic below

Even a wheel barrow load will help! Think of it as physical conditioning, readiness for packing your SUP, Kayak or Sailboat!

The target is to drop the wall edged area eight inches (A+D) below the current sand gravel path with a twelve inch drop (B) in a two by four foot area around the corner roof drain.

A load of High Drain crushed gravel will be added, fabric, cosmetic layer with pathway pavers. Pavers , shower heads and hoses will be added in three locations.

Interim: Pavers underneath the existing washdown faucet are to be removed during excavation and replaced back for continued use. (B) see pic below

The wooden perimeter edging is to be replaced, as portions are rotted out. (C) see pic below

More to come!

Clubhouse Corner drain and washdown pavers.

Any Questions???

Contact the SSC Rear Commodore;

Cheers David

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