The Co-op Program has been cancelled. We apologize for any inconvenience


We are excited to announce a new program at SSC. The Surrey Sailing Club Co-op program promotes sailing by allowing members to use a number of communal sailboats. These communal sailboats are available for the exclusive use of co-op members. The Co-op currently consists of three Pirate-class sailboats (pictured right).


Co-op members must be 18 years of age or older to use the club’s boats. Junior Co-op members may be considered on a case by case basis.

Prospective Co-op members are required to have achieved their CANSail 2 certificate. If the course has been taken at SSC within the last two years, they would be able to join without having their sailing abilities checked by staff. If a prospective Co-op member has taken their course at SSC prior to the last two years, or at any time at another club, they would have to have their sailing skills checked out by one of the SSC instructors prior to joining. Co-op members are required to fill out waivers each calendar year and carry their own liability insurance (usually a home insurance policy will supply adequate coverage).

Co-op members must satisfy the SSC Co-op Captain of their sailing proficiency before being permitted to use the club’s boats. SSC instructors are available to help with this process.


All Co-op members are required to be SSC members. In addition to the membership and initiation fees, there is an annual Co-op membership fee of $150 per year.


Co-op membership fees pay for boat storage and maintenance. The fleet is user-maintained and labour is on a voluntary basis. Most boat maintenance takes place on Spring clean-up day.

A small fee may apply for prospective Co-op members requiring a skills check with our instructors.



The Co-op boats are for the exclusive use of Co-op members. There is no annual limit to usage, although there is a maximum daily consecutive sign-out time of four hours. Co-op boats are available on a first come, first served basis. Boat need to be signed in and out before and after each use.

Co-op boats are stored outside and gear is stored in a locked closet. Your Co-op key will open the gear closet. The gear closet contains:

  • Paddles

  • Sailboat storage locker keys

  • Extra plugs for sailboats

There is a Co-op log book located in the Co-op locker. Please fill it in before and after a boat is taken out. The time and date of departure and arrival and destination are necessary along with maintenance issues. All boats are either named or numbered – Please include the number or name of the boat you have taken out.

Upon acceptance into the Co-op, members will receive a handbook outlining all the rules and procedures in detail.

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